About the app

Astronomical Ipsilon Simulator is a free application about space. This application allows you to create your own planet, planetary system or galaxy, apart from admiring the most famous planets, satellites and systems known.

It is was created for many reasons such as for leisure, education or even for working purposes.

However, the most important aim is that it could be useful and enjoyed by anyone despite the use given.

The application is available  since the 4 of July of 2014. Currently it can be found in MacUpdate.

Until the date, it is being improved, trying to make an app liked by everyone.


I would like to say thank you to the following people/companies/organizations
for letting me use their material for free (Unity Assets Store).

- Unity: Skyboxes
- NASA: Textures for the surfaces of all the famous planets and satellites 
as well as the Human Spaceflight 3d models used
- Juan Francisco MascareƱas: Main menu song ("Swimming In The Space")
- Tilarids: Two amazing songs
- Hedgehog Team: Two skyboxes

Special thanks to the Unity's Community and to Unity for their educational material.